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run along." He cleared a way through the crowd. "They mean

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The evening wore away only too rapidly for Frank. He had seldom passed two hours so pleasantly. At half-past nine, he rose, and said half-regretfully, "I wish you were going to live in the village this winter, Mr. Morton."

run along.

The young man smiled. "Such is my intention, Frank," he said quietly.

run along.

"Shall you stay?" said Frank joyfully. "I suppose you will board here?"

run along.

"I should prefer a quieter boarding-place. Can you recommend one?"

"Where," continued Mr. Morton, "I could enjoy the companionship of an intelligent young gentleman of your age?"

"If we lived nearer the village," Frank began, and stopped abruptly.

"Half a mile would be no objection to me. As I don't think you will find it unpleasant, Frank, I will authorize you to offer your mother five dollars a week for a room and a seat at her table."

"I am quite sure she would be willing, Mr. Morton, but I am afraid we should not live well enough to suit you. And I don't think you ought to pay so much as five dollars a week."